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Christmas is Cancelled Advertising Materials

To advertise for the Fleet Street Winter Show 2010 I made the following poster as well as the series of teaser posters that were placed around campus. They depict the various stages of grief that Fleet Street goes through upon discovering the cancellation of Christmas.

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Christmas is Cancelled

This is a video from Fleet Street’s winter show last year. I wrote, directed and edited it, and the damn thing took forever. Still, I think the finished product is funny, if a little long and disjointed.


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Fleet Street Auditions 2010

Even though I’m not technically part of the group anymore, somehow I got roped into doing the Fleet Street auditions poster again this year. You can see that Russell on a horse is a popular theme.

I'm on a horse.

The poster, if you don’t know, is a parody of this ad campaign. Since Fleet Street and Old Spice are both insanely manly things, we figured that the two would go well together.

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The Stanford Fleet Street Singers

So while I was in school I sang in an a cappella group known as The Stanford Fleet Street Singers. The group is made up of sixteen men and is known for its dashing tuxedos and absurd sense of humor. I had a really excellent time singing with them, and together we wrote the funniest sketch comedy I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. I also got to make some really cool posters.

Here is a poster I made for our yearly auditions. It was meant to emphasize how manly we were:

Many-Vest Destiny

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