I’m the Story Director for Geomon, which is the game you always dreamed of existing and exists now and you didn’t even know it yet. It can be accurately described as “Pokemon for Real Life” but I prefer to think of it as the framework for the inevitable virtual reality that will become our children’s second homes. Its premise revolves around the exploration of a “Spirit World” of thought and imagination that coexists simultaneously with our world. Within it are fantastic creatures borne of the collective consciousness of our planet. Predictably, you must capture and train them with the ultimate goal of being the very best that ever was.

As Story Director, I get to have a staggering amount of freedom over the specifics of this world. And as someone who’s been into world-building since his first set of Legos, that’s a very enticing opportunity. My favorite part of my work is maintaining the official Espercorp Blog (Espercorp being the fictional company exploring the Spirit World), in which I get to explore the vast intricacies of the Spirit World twice a week. I’m going to link to some of my favorite posts, and if you’re as much of a nerd as I am you’ll get all excited about Geomon’s premise and start raving to all your friends about how the future is here and it’s free to download.

Skywhal, the sky whale

Esper Behavior

The Esper Screen

Information about Geomon can be found at










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4 responses to “Geomon

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Oh, my son would SO love to meet you, doing gaming like so. Haven’t heard of this game at all, but he did venture into doing maps in the games and stuff. It is very skilled stuff. Love your banner pic – intense 🙂

  2. Gauging the sporadic nature of your posting to this blog, my guess is that you will see my plethora of comments sometime in March….by which time I will be mildly offended by your delayed response lol

  3. Rory Brown

    Hi Samuel,

    Trying to reach you. I have your wallet. I am the facilities manager for the art dept. I found it in Annenberg Auditorium.

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