The History of Parties

eat, sleep, have sex, develop a sense of superiority

This is an infographic I made for SR Education group. Originally posted at OnlineEducation.



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2 responses to “The History of Parties

  1. Ok there’s about a billion things I love about this, which is a lie because there is not, in fact, a billion elements to it…unless one counts the individual pixels…which I could do but therein would loose all credibility of being a sane person giving a sane compliment.
    I digress.
    Here are 3 of the billion (established fallacy) things that I love:
    1. You gave the Olympians willies (Australian for ‘penises’…peni…many a penis)
    2. A ganster’s gunsmoke becomes a pioneers ‘snow’.
    3. Lady Gaga gets her own genretic addition to the timeline of partying.
    The end.

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